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Upholstery Cleaning Process 101

Upholstery Cleaning Process 101

Did you recently purchase a new sofa? How about a brand-new, comfortable reclining chair? Whatever the furniture may be, it's important to maintain the quality of the furniture. To do this, what you need is regular upholstery cleaning. Today, we are going to share a bit more behind what upholstery cleaning is and the process of cleaning your sofa.

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The Various Steps of Upholstery Cleaning

Inspection and Preparation:

Before a team of cleaning experts can clean any surface or furniture, it's essential to perform an inspection and prepare the surface for cleaning. In this, during the inspection phase, technicians will often study the fabrics of the furniture to better provide the best cleaning experience. Once this has been done, since cleaners typically use intense products and chemicals, other pieces of furniture are covered in order to protect them.

Once this is done, the furniture pieces that need to be cleared are vacuumed before starting the cleaning process to remove the dust and dry soils. The cleaning solution can then be applied to dissolve the stains and weaken them for easy removal. Also, if there is a permanent looking stain or spot on the fabric then that particular area is applied with a special solution with more concentration level in order to remove the stain properly.

Cleaning and Post Cleaning

The soil is taken out from the upholstery gently with a controlled  rinse so that the texture is not damaged. The upholstery cleaning solutions and agents are pH balanced so that the fabric stays soft - maintaining the same quality and structural integrity. In other words, you don't have to worry about a thing!

If a spot remains after the cleaning process, then they are treated with specially designed stain removal solutions to make sure that the strongest stain is also extracted out of the fabric without damaging it. The upholstery is dried high-powered driers - this way it dries quickly.

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