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Top 8 myths about Tile and Grout cleaning

Having a tiled floor can significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of any living space. However, these tiles and grout lines tend to be prone to collecting stubborn contaminants, dirt, and stains. Cleaning these surfaces can be a challenging job. Therefore, it is best left to professionals who perform tile and grout cleaning in Gainesville, Fl. Since tiled floors are more commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, the spaces are tighter, and the job becomes increasingly tedious.


Although the ideal way to get a clean tiled surface is to hire professional cleaners, some homeowners might try to DIY it. It might seem an effective way to save expenses, but these assumptions are generally based on tile and grout cleaning myths. Any type of buildup of grime or dirt on your grout lines can appear unsightly and render your living space unhygienic.


Top 8 (Eight) Myths About Tile and Grout Cleaning in Gainesville, Fl


Myth #1: Regular Mopping can Keep Your Tiles and Grout Lines Clean.

While regular mopping is an effective and easy way to clean your tiles, it does not affect grout lines. Since grout lines tend to accumulate dirt and grime over time, mopping is an ineffective way to clean grout lines. Instead, mopping can push additional dirt and grime deeper into the grout lines, especially if the water used for mopping is dirty. This grime hardens over time and becomes increasingly difficult to clean.


Myth #2: Bleach is an Effective Cleaning Solution for Stubborn Dirt and Grime.

Bleach is an effective cleaner for most situations. However, it only works for general cleaning purposes or whitening surfaces. In fact, it is not recommended for use on tiles and grout. Bleach can easily deteriorate grout lines, weaken them, and make the grout brittle. Once the grout becomes brittle, it cracks and falls away, leaving behind gaps between the tiles which can easily be occupied by large amounts of dirt, further compromising your tiled surface. Additionally, bleach takes away the gloss and shine of your tiles and makes them appear dull.


Myth #3: Dishwashing Soap and Other Cleaners Work Just as Well as Tile and Grout Cleaning Solutions.

Although dishwashing soap can easily remove oil-based stains, using them on tiles or grout lines has little to no effect. Since dishwashing soap is viscous in nature, washing away the residue is an additional challenge. Similarly, once dishwashing liquid gets into your grout lines, it can remain in the lines and form a build-up. Other household cleaning solutions do not provide the cleaning prowess to either clean the tiles or the grout lines.


Myth #4: Acids Can Take Care of The Stubbornest Stains.

Acid is hailed as the ideal way to get rid of stubborn stains. However, using acid to eliminate any dirt or stains from the surface of your tiles and grout can end up damaging the colors or you tiles and erode the upper layers. Simply put, acid is too strong to be used on tiles or grout lines.


Myth #5: Tiles Require Zero Maintenance.

Although tiles require much less maintenance compared to other surfacing options like carpets, getting a professional tile and grout cleaning in Gainesville, Fl, occasionally, is essential. A professional cleaning service can help keep your tiled floor looking new and your grout lines clean.


Myth #6: Scrubbing Grout Lines With a Wire Brush Gets Them Clean.

As a homeowner, your first instinct while cleaning stubborn stains is to scrub. Using a wire brush to scrub the dirt and grime off your grout lines, you can easily damage the grout joints. Instead of scrubbing hard with a wire brush, a dissolving cleaner is an effective alternative that does not damage the grout.


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Myth #7: Drenching Tiles and Grout Lines in Soapy Water Will Get Them Deep Cleaned.

Although leaving soapy water on your tiled floors can help loosen the dirt over time, the extended period over which the tiles and grout are exposed to moisture can hurt the sheen of your tiles. It can act as a magnet for dirt stuck in the grout lines, but leaving them submerged can damage the integrity of your grout joints.


Myth #8: Sealed Tiles Do Not Need Maintenance.

It is well-known that even the toughest tiles can get discolored over time. Their upper layers can get eroded in high-traffic areas, and it drives homeowners to seal their tiled floors. However, contrary to popular belief, even sealed tiles can deteriorate over time and need maintenance as much as non-sealed tiles.


The Bottom Line

Here are the top 8 common myths about tile and grout cleaning and the best way to keep yourself away with these myths is to hire professionals who can perform tile and grout cleaning in Gainesville, Fl. Do not let your tiled floors appear unsightly and ruin the pleasure of having aesthetically pleasing tiles in your living spaces with professional cleaning services. 


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