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Steam Cleaning Carpet on a Budget: Our Best Money-Saving Tips

Carpets are one of the most exquisite furnishing pieces in your home and workplace. It brings together your living spaces and creates a cozy ambiance.

Unlike the rest of your furniture, carpets receive a constant onslaught of dirt and dust, making them vulnerable to looking dirty and getting damaged if not maintained regularly. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service near Alachua is the best option for all your carpet cleaning needs instead of trying to clean it yourself.

A professional carpet cleaning process usually involves various methods and steps of cleaning, such as steam carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning is one of the safest and least intrusive deep cleaning methods while disinfecting your rugs. Apart from set-in stains, a steam cleaner can cut through any dirt, dust, or grime in carpets.

Why is Steam Cleaning a Carpet Important?

Steam carpet cleaning is one of the safest ways to clean a carpet as it does not use any additives (toxic or non-toxic). It simply uses water and heat. It effectively eliminates allergens like fungus, mold, and dust mites, rendering your air safer and cleaner to breathe. Removing allergens helps reduce the chances of allergies and diseases like asthma in your household.

A steam cleaning can leave your carpet looking brand new. Besides cleaning, it also sanitizes your carpet without chemicals, making it safer for your children and pets. Some carpet manufacturers also void your rug’s warranty if it has not been steam cleaned by a trained professional once in at least 18 months.

However, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service might not seem economically viable to you.

Here are a few tips on how to save money while getting a steam carpet cleaning.

  1. Compare Carpet Cleaners

Every carpet cleaning service near Alachua offers its pricing structure, quality of services, and benefits. Sometimes, spending a little more is better if it comes at a considerable increase in quality of service. On the other hand, saving a small amount might prove costly to you and your carpet’s health.

Call all your shortlisted carpet cleaners and get an insight into the services and prices they offer. Research them online to gather all information about each carpet cleaning service. Furthermore, you can even ask your friends, family, and co-workers for recommendations. 

  1. Regular Maintenance

If you vacuum your carpets twice every week and do not allow any liquid to stain the carpet fibers, the need for a professional steam carpet cleaning is not as frequent. High-traffic areas need to be vacuumed more frequently. Making sure your carpet sustains the least amount of damage is easy with regular maintenance and daily care. This will substantially increase the interval in which a professional cleaning is required.

  1. Take off Your Shoes

To elongate the lifespan of your carpets, enforce a strict no-shoes policy in every carpeted room. Shoes usually carry dirt, dust, grime, and debris from the outside and deposit them on your carpets. With every step, the dirt gets trapped deeper into the fibers of your carpet. It makes your carpet look dull, and if it goes unchecked for long, even vacuuming will not remove this debris from the carpet. This creates high traffic marks on your carpet, thus compelling you to get frequent steam cleaning done by professionals.

  1. Ask for Discounts

Do not hesitate to fish for deals that will make your cleaning more affordable. The best carpet steam cleaning company near Alachua is known for offering its customers attractive discounts. Check the company’s websites for deals and promotions. If you cannot find any, you can also ask them to understand their services better when you connect to them.

  1. Pay for Traffic Areas Only

High traffic areas are the areas of a carpet where people usually walk and develop a dirtier ‘path’ on the carpet. Even when the rest of the carpet is clean, these areas seem to be more contaminated and covered in grime or discolored. Hiring a cleaning service to clean just the areas where the carpet has experienced a high traffic volume can cost relatively cheaper than getting your whole carpet cleaned. It is handy if you have just had an event. However, not all carpet cleaners provide this service. So, getting it checked with your cleaning service is very important.

  1. Get an in-home estimate.

Some steam carpet cleaning companies provide a quote calculator on their websites to help you determine the cost of professionally steam cleaning your carpets. It usually works on a per square feet rate, which makes it necessary for you to know the size of your carpets.

If you are unaware of the sizes of your carpets, you can even opt for an in-house estimate where a professional will visit your home, check your carpet, and give you an estimate according to their assessment. Sometimes this can significantly reduce your cleaning costs.

  1. Spot Cleaning

One sure-fire method to save money is to hire a professional to spot clean instead of cleaning the carpets in every room. Having the option to get your carpets spot cleaned ensures that you always have clean carpets while cutting down on unnecessary costs of cleaning all the carpets. This also reduces your cost when hiring a professional to deep clean all your carpets.

  1. Get rid of the carpet

This might seem like a radical thought, but sometimes, cleaning a damaged carpet will not yield the results you are seeking while constantly burning a hole in your pocket. An older carpet with damaged fibers gets dirty soon after cleaning. It would be much easier on your finances to get a new carpet that does not have to be cleaned for the next few years. Switching to a different flooring like tiles or hardwood is also a fantastic choice.

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The Take-Away

The cost of carpet cleaning can vary from one cleaner to another and from one job to the other. Saving a little extra money on a cleaning job should not come at the cost of quality of service. Use our money-saving tips to get the best bang for the buck while getting a spick-and-span job done. However, if you are looking for the best carpet steam cleaning company near Alachua with affordable prices, don’t hesitate to contact us at (352) 474-6105 or email us at


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