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Most critical things to know before you hire a professional carpet cleaner

Carpets are a valuable addition to your home. It adds to your décor and ambiance by providing a comfy, warm base for your furniture to look at and walk on. However, keeping your carpet clean is a mightier task than it sounds. From wine spills to muddy footprints, your carpet can be subject to various stains and wear and tear. The condition of your carpet will tell you when it is time to stop trying to get the stains out yourself and let the pros handle it from there. However, you need to select an outfit that has an impeccable reputation in providing quality services for a fair price.

The carpet cleaner you hire will determine what the result will look like. They play the most prominent role in determining how good your carpets will look after the cleaning and how long they last. By hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you have minimal risk of permanent damage by using improper tools and cleaning solutions.

What is the best type of carpet cleaning?

Hot-water extraction is the best carpet cleaning method that currently exists. Also known as steam cleaning, this method uses water and heat to deep clean your carpets. It is beneficial in eliminating allergens like mold, dust mites, and fungus, thus, making your air cleaner. This helps you reduce allergies and diseases like asthma.

Apart from the health benefits, a steam cleaning ensures your carpet looks fresh again. The sanitizing effect without chemicals is an added benefit of this cleaning method that makes the carpet safer for your kids and pets. 

Carpet cleaning done right

As a general rule, you should always ensure that the carpet cleaners you are hiring offer hot-water extraction. Besides that, you should pick one that has their equipment mounted on their trucks. Most companies emphasize “hand washing” of your carpets. Still, it would be best to look for cleaners that use the “immersion” method when hand-washing. Also, you should make sure the cleaners clean the carpets before your eyes as some companies usually outsource the cleaning to a third party, thereby increasing your cost.

Here are a few things you should know before hiring a carpet cleaner.

  • Always compare prices

    – When hiring a carpet cleaner, always compare the prices among several service providers. This lets you have a brief idea of how much a carpet cleaning service costs. Make sure to request a quote when you connect with a carpet cleaning vendor. However, paying less does not always mean the quality of service will be sub-par.

  • Check for reviews

    – The easiest way to ensure that you hire a professional that will breathe fresh life into your carpets while offering an impeccable level of service is to check for reviews. Knowing what past customers have said about the services can give you insight into how and what the cleaners offer.

  • Do not pay for add-ons –

    Some cleaners ramp up your cleaning costs by quoting prices by room instead of by square foot. They will try to include add-ons to the regular by-room price. Refrain from overpaying by ensuring your deal only in price by the square foot.

  • Get a written guarantee

    – Most carpet cleaning companies provide guarantees, but they have different policies. Getting a written contract that states that they will redo any cleaning work if their work is unsatisfactory.

  • Point out stains

    – Before the cleaning process starts, make sure to point out the stains in your carpet, what caused them, and how long ago. Doing this saves valuable time where they can get started immediately to remove stains.

  • Pay after satisfaction

    – After the cleaning is done, do a thorough check of the quality of the cleaning. If you find any irregularities or remaining stains, immediately bring them to the cleaner’s attention. Complete the payment only after you are completely satisfied with the quality of the work done.

How can a carpet cleaning service help you?

  • Helps extend the life of your carpet.
  • Lets you maintain a healthier indoor environment.
  • Removes stubborn stains deep in the carpet fibers.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors like pet urine.
  • Gets rid of signs of general wear and tear.
  • Saves the time and effort that you would invest in cleaning the carpet yourself.
  • They possess the best equipment and cleaning solutions.

How to pick the right carpet cleaning company?

Hiring the right carpet cleaner is crucial in getting the best results for your carpet. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose the best professional carpet cleaning company for all your cleaning requirements.

  1. Search for the term “carpet cleaning company Gainesville, Fl” on google.com.
  2. Access the listed website of each carpet cleaner.
  3. Go through what other customers have said about their services in the reviews section.
  4. Check the services they offer and what the pricing structure is like.
  5. Make a shortlist of about 3-4 cleaning companies and compare them with each other.
  6. Connect with each cleaner and look for one that strikes the perfect balance between cost and service.
  7. Discuss your specific requirements with them.
  8. Pick the one that fits all the above criteria.

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The take-away

You need to be aware of several things while choosing a carpet cleaning service. Hiring the correct professional carpet cleaner can be the difference between your carpets looking fresh and them looking worn and discolored. Having a carpet that feels warm and soft on your feet while looking amazing can tie your furniture and décor together. As an added tip, always pick the carpet cleaner that focuses on customer satisfaction first and has received many glowing reviews.

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