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What’s included: Gainesville Carpet Cleaning Services?

SteamworkS offers the very best carpet cleaning Gainesville FL residents and business owners can pick from. We utilize an extremely powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning service, the #1 rated carpet cleaning process, to thoroughly clean carpets, ensuring that you receive the deepest, most efficient carpet cleaning possible, which will be dry in 1 to 2 hours. We have always taken pride in providing our clients with outstanding carpet cleaning services, that has long been recognized as Gainesville’s most affordable carpet cleaning service. While this process meets the needs of many of our clients, we also provide a Deep Carpet Cleaning Process, the most thorough method possible to help extract the dirt that your vacuum can’t reach to help erase those heavily soiled traffic areas and rid your carpet of unwanted odors. Since our client’s health and safety is a concern, we use natural green cleaning products that are non-toxic, detergent free, odor free, and hypoallergenic.

We also offer a carpet steam cleaning service, which is another favorite among our customers. This is what makes SteamworkS top the list of the best carpet cleaners Gainesville FL offers.

Advanced Carpet Cleaning Services

Pre-inspection: We will evaluate your carpet for any areas of concern so that the appropriate steps can be taken to remove spots and ensure the best cleaning possible.

Pre-treat: Unlike some companies we do not charge for this. And because our client’s health and safety is a concern we use a natural green cleaning product that is non-toxic, detergent-free, odor-free, and hypoallergenic. Additional stronger surfactants may be necessary to remove difficult spots.

Extraction: Using an Extremely powerful, 31 horsepower truck mounted cleaning unit, we will thoroughly rinse your carpet with pre-filtered fresh water that is heated up to 230 degrees and extracted instantaneously so that your carpets are dry within 1 to 2 hours.

Final inspection: Lastly, we do a final walk through to ensure everything was done to your satisfaction and touch up any missed areas.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Process

Pre-inspection: The first measure of business when it comes to deep carpet cleaning is to pre-inspect the area. Our carpet cleaners will take the time to assess the carpet, understanding exactly what’s happening. This way, we can move forward to thoroughly clean any spots, stains, and odors to the fullest extent.

Agitation: Through using a specially designed carpet “rake”, our carpet cleaners will lift and separate matted down carpet fibers so that a thorough vacuuming can remove as much dry soil particle as possible. This is the beginning of a true deep carpet cleaning experience.

Pre-Vacuum: You have never witnessed vacuuming until you’ve seen our deep carpet cleaning pre-vacuuming process. We use a powerful commercial vacuum to help clean up any dry particles lifted from step number two.

Pre-treat: To ensure your carpet is clean, we pre-treat it with some of the best products in the industry. Now, we take the extra step to ensure safety and health by using only natural cleaning products that are all non-toxic, odor-free, and hypoallergenic. If we notice that there are areas of a carpet that require further attention, we may use more products or materials to flush out the area.

Extraction: A crucial aspect of the deep carpet cleaning process is extraction. Here we use truck-mounted cleaning unit, which helps to push heated, pre-filtered, and fresh water on the carpet. Given the powerful nature of our equipment, and the temperature of the waters, carpets are typically dry within 1-2 hours.

Final inspection: Once the carpet has been deep cleaned, our carpet cleaning experts will perform one last final inspection. This is to ensure that there are no stains left – and the carpet is 100% clean. Our favorite part of the process is getting to see our customers reactions at how effective our deep carpet cleaning can be.

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