DIY Carpet Cleaning secrets and tips

DIY Carpet Cleaning Secrets and Tips

DIY Carpet Cleaning secrets

Are your freaking out because your kid just spilled ketchup on your carpet, and you are expecting guests? There are times when you need to resort to DIY Carpet Cleaning secrets because it’s not possible to give it to carpet cleaners in Gainesville FL, frequently.

Carpet cleaning at home can be a big hassle. Not only does it take effort, but the risk of damaging it further is always there. However, regular rug cleaning is essential to promote healthy living. You should hire professional cleaners once in a while, but here are some DIY carpet cleaning tips that you can use to maintain your carpets.

    1. Move your furniture: Before you clean your carpet, you must remove your furniture from the carpeted area. For heavy furniture, use sliders or plastic sheets to slide them away, and don’t keep the furniture back until your carpet dries completely.
    2. Regular vacuuming: You must vacuum your carpet regularly, especially the high traffic areas. No matter how clean your house is, the carpet fibers capture dust, dander, pollen, and dead skin. In the absence of regular vacuuming, these particles settle down at the bottom of the carpet, making cleaning more challenging. Moreover, such dirt accumulation would lead to health problems. Hence, it would be best if you vacuumed the carpeted area at least once every week.

Regular vacuuming

    1. Use cleaning solutions for stains: If you drop or spill something on your carpet, you must immediately tend to it before the stains become permanent. Use mild cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the rug. You can use club soda or shaving cream or make a DIY carpet cleaner by mixing one-part water with one-part white vinegar. Let the solution sit on the stain for 20-30 minutes and then gently rub to clean it. Ensure you don’t rub it too hard, or you may damage the fibers.

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  1. Cleaning the carpet: You should divide the carpet area into smaller portions and clean in parts. Use DIY carpet cleaner solution to clean, and use a cloth dipped in water to remove the solution. It will help if you clean the inner parts of your house first and then move to outer areas like the drawing-room. Most importantly, the thumb rule of carpet cleaning at home DIY is not to over-wet the carpet. Too much water would be very difficult to dry, and a moist carpet will help mold growth.
  2. Carpet cleaning secrets for wax or chewing gum: Wax or gum can be tricky things to clean. But you will be surprised to see how simple it is to clean them. Use ice in a plastic sealable bag and keep it over the wax or gum. It will harden them. Once set, scrape them off using a butter knife or a spoon. If you are lucky, then hardening and scraping will remove them. If not, spray mild detergent with water over the stain and let it sit. Then mildly scrub the stain clean and remove the soapy water using a soft cloth and clean water.

Follow these simple carpet cleaning secrets to clean your carpets at home. But it would be best if you got them cleaned professionally at least once a year. There are several ways they clean your rugs, like,

  • Steam Cleaning or hot water extraction
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Shampooing
  • Encapsulation

A reliable company that offers rug cleaning in Gainesville FL will provide all carpet cleaning solutions. So, if DIY Carpet Cleaning doesn’t help or you are worried that you might damage your precious rug, then hire a reputable carpet cleaner near you.