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The 8 Worst Mistakes Carpet Company Rookies Make and How to Avoid Them

Carpets cost a lot of money and are used to give your home the coziness and the ambiance it deserves. It ties your furniture together and provides a soft, supple floor for your children and pets. However, cleaning carpets is a delicate job that requires patience, know-how, and some elbow grease. Instead of trying to DIY it, you should hire a carpet cleaning service to take care of your expensive carpets and rugs.

Professional carpet cleaning is not without its flaws, though. Hiring the wrong contractor because they offer a lower price instead of employing the best professional carpet cleaning company can prove costly in the long run. From discolored to completely damaged, your carpets can end up having to be replaced entirely if the cleaners do not possess the experience or the equipment to assess and clean your carpet correctly. These professionals require the right equipment, cleaning agents, and experience in dealing with nasty stains for them to clean and restore your carpets to their former glory effectively. As a homeowner, you may be oblivious to your carpet cleaners’ mistakes. We intend to shine a light on these mistakes so that you know the next time you hire carpet cleaners.

Here Are The 8 Worst Mistakes Carpet Cleaning Company Rookies Make and How to Avoid Them.

1. Scrubbing too much

Even though scrubbing a carpet might seem like the right thing to do in cases of spillage like that of coffee or wine, it is more likely that the carpet will get damaged in the process. The delicate fibers of your carpet may get twisted and untwisted, causing the carpet to fray. It might also push dirt and dust deeper into the fibers making them even harder to clean.

What to do Instead?

Blotting using a sponge or cloth is far gentler than scrubbing with a brush. Even though the stain might not get obliterated, scrubbing is not ideal. Steam cleaning is the most reliable method to remove these stubborn stains.

 2.Overusing Carpet Deodorizer

Some rookie carpet cleaning companies overuse deodorizers instead of a good carpet cleaning service. Overusing these will undoubtedly make your carpet look dull and affect your beautiful rugs’ overall look and feel. These powders and sprays are not gentle on the carpet fibers.

What to do Instead?

Odor neutralizers are often used to get rid of unwanted smells like pet urine, but even these need to be used sparingly. Besides, a clean carpet would not require a deodorizer. Even if one is being used, make sure it is non-toxic.

 3.Using The Faulty or Outdated Equipment

Carpet cleaning companies using old faulty equipment can put your carpet’s health at risk. Since cleaning technology improves every year, old equipment is often not as effective as the new flagship cleaning equipment. This puts your carpet at a disadvantage if old equipment is used to clean them. Furthermore, in the best-case scenario, your carpets might not get cleaned; in the worst-case scenario, your carpets might get damaged or appear patchy. 

What to do Instead?

Connect with your carpet cleaners beforehand and inquire about their equipment and how well it is maintained. Look at reviews online to understand the quality of equipment they use.

4. Inadequately Trained Teams

Carpet cleaning is a meticulous task, and it requires perfection in practicing it. It is a science as well as an art in terms of the detail and the techniques it entails. If a carpet cleaning crew has failed to properly train its workforce on how to use the cleaning equipment or deal with different types of stains or carpet fibers, it puts your carpets at a high risk of being damaged. They must possess the know-how to understand the needs of each customer and carpets’ needs and act accordingly. Some carpet cleaning companies do not train their crew for anything beyond a typical cleaning job which is a massive red flag to the customer.

What to do Instead?

When hiring a professional cleaning company, it is paramount to ensure that they possess the correct licenses and certifications to provide quality service and train their crew to perform cleaning jobs effectively.

5. Ignoring The Need for a Spot Test

Performing a spot test is the first step in determining if a cleaning product will be effective for your carpet. It is wiser to risk a small spot being soiled instead of running the risk of ruining your entire carpet. Some cleaning solutions react with some types of carpet fibers and cause damage, bleaching, and even fiber loss.

What to do instead?

Manufacturers of cleaning products usually provide instructions to test the cleaner. Make sure your carpet cleaner tests the products in a part of the carpet that is not visible and usually hidden under other furniture. Let the solution soak in for a few hours to determine if it causes discoloration or damage before using it on your entire carpet.

6: Using The Wrong Cleaning Agent

Different stains or spots require other cleaning agents. Solvents can remove stains from paint, oil, and adhesives, while stains from coffee, tea, or water can be removed using acidic cleaners. Using the correct cleaning agent ensures that the spots on your carpet come off without any hiccups. However, employing the wrong cleaning agents will lead to your carpet being discolored or deal irreparable damage to your fibers by letting the stains blend into your carpets permanently.

What to do instead?

Usually, a trained carpet cleaner will possess the know-how to determine which cleaner works best for each kind of stain. You can ask the professional which cleaning agent they recommend for your carpets. Furthermore, you can even refer to the cleaning agent’s manufacturer’s labels which usually contain information on how to use it and what stains it works on. To be on the safer side of things, you should know the type of carpet you have and the cleaning solution that works best for its fibers. Using a mild all-purpose carpet cleaner is the safest bet.

7. Considering every Carpet Cleaner, a Disinfectant.

One common trait of every rookie carpet cleaning company is that their crew uses every carpet cleaning agent as a disinfectant. A cleaning agent is only suitable for cleaning the carpet fibers and, at best, making the carpet hygienic by treating the dust and dirt. However, disinfecting a carpet is a completely different job that requires a specialized carpet disinfectant and special tools. Disinfecting your carpet regularly is essential to safeguard your rugs against infestations of all kinds. 

What to do instead?

Connecting with your carpet cleaning company and asking for a disinfecting job after cleaning the carpet is essential. You can also ensure that they use the correct disinfectant and not just another cleaning agent. 

8. Being Too Rough

Seeing a stain on a carpet will make an average human want to scrub it intensely and quickly. This behavior on a professional is, however, a red flag. A trained professional should never be scrubbing a carpet, let alone be rough with it. Harsh cleaning procedures are detrimental to the life of your carpet and cause irreparable damage to the carpet fibers. 

What to do instead?

When hiring a carpet cleaning company, comb through the reviews to watch what other customers had to say about the business. If it is indicative of their rough handling of carpets, do not employ their services. Watch out for some professionals who tend to be rough even with the right equipment. A professional should handle carpet cleaning delicately.

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