10 Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean with Pets at home

10 Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean with Pets at Home

As a pet owner, you must be aware of the joy and happiness they bring into your life. Pets are excellent companions for you; however, they are notoriously known for destroying carpets. Even though they do not mean any harm, they end up damaging rugs, which makes it necessary for carpet cleaning in Gainesville, Fl.

Training your pet can considerably reduce instances of damage to your carpet, but sooner or later, there will be a mess on your carpet. That is why you must take extra care to keep a carpet clean if you have pets. From pets going to the bathroom on your carpet to them tracking in dirt, your carpet can take a lot of abuse over time.

Clean Your Carpets for Your Pets Too

Having a clean carpet significantly boosts the décor of your home and makes your living space look and feel better. An added benefit of keeping your carpets clean is the health of your pets. Pets tend to sit, sleep or play in the carpeted areas more than on bare floors; hence, keeping your rugs clean is key to keeping your pet healthy. If you use chemical cleaners to maintain your carpets, it can significantly hamper the well-being of your pets.

Ten Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean with Pets at Home

1. Use an Extractor

The best way to clean your carpets when pets take a leak on them is to use an extractor. They can effectively suck liquids and their stains from a carpet without damaging the carpet fibers. Unlike a typical vacuum cleaner, an extractor can handle wet waste and is usually easy to clean.

2. Blot! Do Not Wipe!

Use paper towels to blot any liquid like your pet’s urine. If you wipe or press the paper towels into the carpet, you will end up making it worse. The liquid can seep deeper into the carpet fibers and sometimes into the flooring too. After the liquid seeps deep into the rug, the smell will tend to linger even after vacuuming.

3. Use a Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner

As discussed above, one of the most common problems for pet owners having carpets is getting pee out of their rugs. After blotting and using a wet extractor to clean urine stains, you must use a bio-enzymatic cleaner which is specifically manufactured to remove urine traces. Unlike other carpet cleaners, it helps neutralize urea and uric acid while eliminating proteins and starches. Always make sure to use a bio enzymatic cleaner before a typical carpet cleaner, or you will end up with a set-in stain that remains pretty permanent.

4. Utilize a Carpet Stain remover

If the above steps do not obliterate the stains, you will have to utilize a carpet stain remover. There are specific carpet stain removal solutions that work best on pet pee stains. However, contrary to popular belief, you should never use steam cleaning on a stained carpet. Steam cleaning will only make the stains go deeper into your carpet fibers.

5. Keep Their Paws Clean

A pet of any size will drag in dust and dirt with its paws. This dirt and grime can easily get trapped in your carpet and, with time, it can get embedded deep into the fibers of the carpet. By ensuring that your pet’s paws are clean before they enter the house, you can keep your carpets dirt free. You can use a clean towel and a pet-friendly cleaning spray near the entrance and use it to clean their paws before letting them near the carpeted areas.

6. Place Your Carpets Strategically

You can avoid a lot of dirt and grime on your carpet by placing your carpets in specific places. You can set your rugs in areas where your pets do not spend a lot of time. The carpets can also be placed in places where it is easier to clean them regularly with minimal effort.

7. Keep Your Pets Clean and Well Groomed

Your best friends also deserve a fair amount of TLC. Keeping your pets clean can keep your carpets clean. Keeping them well-groomed can reduce the effects of shedding, and you can protect your carpet from pet hair and dirty paws with one move; by keeping your pets clean. Though most pets hate the sight and thought of water, you must keep your furry friends clean for their good health and the health of your carpet. It is an actual “two birds with one stone” move.

8. Use Your Vacuum Cleaner Judiciously

Apart from keeping your pets well-groomed, it would be best if you also use your vacuum cleaner proactively. Doing so will keep the pet hair from getting embedded deep into your carpet. If you are used to vacuuming once every week, you must increase the frequency by up to twice a week in order to keep your carpets free from dander.

9. Use a Putty Knife for Solids

More often than not, your pet might decide to relieve itself on your carpet, leaving a solid stinky mess. It might seem like a good idea to use a towel to scoop it up, but it will only smear it all over the carpet and create a more significant issue. Instead, you can keep a putty knife handy and use it to sink into the carpet and scoop up the mess. After you are done with the majority of the chaos, you can use two tablespoons of baking soda and sprinkle it over the stain. This will deal with any odor or remaining stains. Vacuum the remaining baking soda and let it air dry.

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Image Galley For Professional Carpet Cleaning

10. Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Carpets of all sizes and kinds can benefit from a professional cleaning. Owning a pet makes it even more necessary. Carpet cleaning in Gainesville, Fl, is best handled by professionals who specialize in dealing with stains caused by pets. Since every carpet is made from different materials, they require other cleaning solutions and methods. You can rest assured that your carpet is in safe hands by hiring Steamworks carpet cleaning services.

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