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gainesville carpet cleaning companyWe offer a wide variety of cleaning services, covering any resident or business in Gainesville, Fl. Review our Cleaning services below and schedule a consultation with our team today!

Gainesville Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

A dirty carpet is not only unhealthy, it can be smelly. At Steamworks Carpet Cleaning, we are the professional carpet cleaning company you've been looking for! We eco-friendly carpet cleaning systems, our team will have your home looking its best after a few hours of cleaning. Learn more about our carpet cleaning services here!

Gainesville Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

When you first get tile, it's clean and exciting. However, if you have children and dogs, after a few weeks, it can get dirty - and grime and grout can build-up. SteamWorks Carpet Cleaning is here to help with all your cleaning needs. With our professional and eco-friendly equipment, we want to be your tile and grout cleaning company. Learn more here!

Gainesville Upholstery Cleaning Services

What's more exciting than getting brand-new furniture? Not only is it clean and smells good - it looks good too! Now, we can all attest that, after a year of using the same sofa, it's bound to get dirty, especially with furry friends running around. Before your furniture get ruined from wear and tear, SteamWorks Carpet Cleaning can help restore your furniture with quality upholstery cleaning services. Learn more here!

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$95/ 3 Rm Special
  • check-mark Includes vacuum
  • check-mark Pretreat Traffic Areas
  • check-mark Move common furniture
  • check-mark Steam cleaning and debris extraction
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$110/Couch & Love
  • white-image Includes Fabric inspection
  • white-image Pretreat soiled areas
  • white-image Steam clean materials
  • white-image Extra drying and vacuuming techniques
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$.45 Per sq. ft
  • check-mark Tile inspections and grout
  • check-mark Pretreat cleaning area
  • check-mark Steam clean grout lines and Tile
  • check-mark Dry Tile and cleaned areas
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Common Cleaning Questions

Answers to some frequently asked cleaning questions.

Steamworks Carpet Cleaning has the most powerful truck-mount steam cleaning system the industry has to offer. To be the best carpet cleaning company in the area, we primarily only use only the healthiest and safest cleaning systems and materials.

Steamworks Carpet Cleaning has been serving the Gainesville community for over 20 years. Be sure to learn more about our business on our About Page here!